Privacy Policy

FOEZY Privacy Policy


1.1 Understanding Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for the usage of FOEZYs application is a commitment from Rawco Marketing SPC to respect and protect any personal data or information from Users of the Foezy application.

1.2 Establishment of a Privacy Policy

When the User accesses and/or uses Foezy services, the User declares that each User's personal data are valid and truthful, and the User gives his approval to Foezy to obtain, collect, manage, analyze, use and store such data, as stated in Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions in Foezy application.

2. Point of Time in collecting and Acquiring User's Personal Data and Information

To process User’s transaction data, to manage and to expedite the process of using Foezy application, as well as other purposes - as long as permitted by applicable laws and regulations-, Foezy will collect User's personal data and information when:

  • Register and/or use Foezy services, or open an account in the Foezy application.
  • Use Foezy products and services, then make any kind of agreement, as well as sending any file/data, but not limited to application forms or other forms relating to Foezy products and services, both in the form of soft copies and hard copies.
  • Interact with us through customer service services, such as telephone lines (which may be recorded), chat, letters, faxes, face-to-face meetings, social media and email.
  • Use any kind of features that require permission to access the User's device.
  • Fill-in User’s Bank Account data when the User conducts payment transaction activities through the Foezy application, but is not limited to bank account data, credit cards, virtual accounts, instant payments, internet banking, mobile banking, and retail outlets.

3. User Personal Data and Information collected by Foezy

User personal data and information that may be collected by the Foezy include but are not limited to:

  • User's personal data, such as User’s account (which contains a photo, Cell Phone Number, Email Address, Name, Gender, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Religion, National Identity Card Number, Tax Status), User's Bank Account (which contains Bank Account Number, Bank Name , Bank Account Holder Name, Bank Branch Office), and Shipping Address.
  • Data sent by and / or connected to the device used to access the service.
  • Other data that will be required later on.

4. Use of User's Personal Data and Information.

FOEZY can use all or some part of the User's personal data and information, obtained and collected from the User as mentioned in point 3 for the following matters:

  • 1) Process all forms of requests, activities and transactions carried out by Users through the Foezy application, including for the purpose of sending products to the User.
  • 2) Provision of features to provide, realize, maintain and improve Foezy products and services, including:
    • Offering, obtaining, providing, and/or facilitating marketplace services, financing, loans, and other products through the FOEZY application;
    • Allows features to personalize User accounts, such as Wishlist and Favorite Stores; and/or
    • Conduct internal Foezy activities that are needed to provide services on the Foezy applications, such as solving software problems, bugs, operational problems, conducting data analysis, testing, and research, and to monitor and analyze trends in use and activities.
  • Helping Users when communicating with Customer Service in Foezy applications, including for:
    • Making the Foezy application easier for Users to get to know about Foezy
    • Making the Foezy application easier for Users to know how to use the Foezy application.
    • Checking and resolving User issues; and
    • Overseeing and improving Foezy Customer Service responses.
  • Contacting Users via chats, emails, letters, telephones, faxes, and others, including but not limited, to assist and/or complete the transaction process or the process of resolving all problems and obstacles that occurred.
  • Using the User's personal data and information for research, analysis, product development and testing purposes to improve Foezy User-friendliness and security of services in the Foezy application, as well as to develop new features and products.
  • Informing Users about products, services, promotions, studies, surveys, news, the latest developments, events and others, either through the Foezy application or through other media. Foezy can also use this information to promote and process programs and lotteries, give prizes, and present advertisements and relevant content about Foezy services and business partners.
  • Monitoring or investigating suspicious transactions or transactions that contain indications of fraud or violation of the Terms and Conditions or applicable legal provisions, and take necessary actions as a follow-up to the results of monitoring or investigating the transaction.
  • In situations where the the Foezy application may require, use or disclose User’s data for law enforcement purposes or for the fulfillment of applicable legal and regulatory requirements, including in the case of a dispute or legal process between the User and the Foezy application.

5. Disclosure of User's Personal Data and Information

Foezy guarantees that there are no sale, transfer, distribution or lending of User's personal data and information to other third parties, without the permission of the User, except in the following matters:

  • Required disclosure of User data to partners or other third parties who assist the Foezy in providing services on the application and processing all forms of User activity in the application, including processing transactions, verifying payments, shipping products, and others.
  • Foezy can provide relevant information to business partners in accordance with the User's agreement to use business partner services, including applications or other applications that has integrated API (Application Programming Interface) or services, or business partners in which Foezy has collaborated to deliver promotions, a specific program or service
  • When the communication is required between the Foezy business partners (such as logistics providers, shipping goods, payments, etc.) with the User in terms of resolving constraints or other matters.
  • Foezy can provide relevant information to vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms, or similar service providers.
  • Users contacting Foezy via public media such as blogs, social media, and certain features of the application, interactions between Users and Foezy may be publicly visible.
  • Foezy can share User’s information with its subsidiaries and affiliates to help provide services or perform data processing for and on behalf of Foezy.
  • Foezy can share User data or information needed for credit worthiness with credit rating agencies or bureaus, or Credit Information Management Institutions (LPIP).
  • Foezy discloses User data in an effort to comply with legal obligations and / or the existence of legitimate requests from law enforcement officials.

6. Cookies

  • Cookies are small files that will automatically take place in the User's device that performs functions in saving User's preferences and configuration while using an application.
  • These cookies are not intended to be used when accessing other data that the User has on the User's computer device, other than what the User has agreed to submit.
  • We may link Cookies information to personal data. Cookies also linked to information about what items the User has chosen for the page and purchases that the User sees. This information is also used to track the User's shopping cart. Cookies are also used to convey specific content according to User interests and to monitor usage of the Foezy application.

7. User Choice and Transparency

  • Mobile devices in general (iOS and Android) have settings so that the Foezy application cannot access certain data without the consent of the User. When the application is used for the first time, the iOS device will give a notification to the User when the Foezy application accesses the data, while the Android device will provide a notification to the User when the Foezy application is first loaded. By using the application and providing access to the Foezy application, the User is assumed to give his approval to the Foezys Privacy Policy.
  • Users can access and change User data and personal information through the Profile feature on the Foezy application.
  • Foezy can still send messages or emails in the form of list of transactions or information related to the User's account.
  • Users can contact Foezy to withdraw approval for the acquisition, collection, storage, management and use of User's personal data and information, as long as it is permitted by the applicable laws and regulation. If so, the User understands the consequences that the User cannot use application services or other Foezy services.

8. Storage and Deletion of User's Personal Data and Information

Foezy will store User's personal data and information as long as the User's account remains active and can carry out deletion in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

9. Privacy Policy Update

Foezy can, at any time make changes or updates to Foezy Privacy Policy. Foezy recommends that users read carefully and check the Foezy Privacy Policy page from time to time to find out what changes have occurred. By continuing to access and use the application services as well as other Foezy services, the User is deemed to agree to changes in the Foezy Privacy Policy.